Fall All-Star Show

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Arsenic and Old Lace

Friday, November 3rd @ 6:30 pm
Saturday, November 4th @ 2:30 pm & 6:30 pm
Sunday, November 5th @ 2:30 pm



Mortimer Brewster is living a happy life: he has a steady job at a New York newspaper, he’s become engaged and visits his sweet two spinster aunts to announce the engagement!. Although Mortimer has always known his family had a bit of a mad gene -- his brother believes himself to be Teddy Roosevelt -- his world is completely turned upside down when he realizes his dear aunts have been poisoning lonely old men! When Mortimer’s maniacal brother, Jonathan (who strangely now resembles Boris Karloff) unexpectedly returns home intending harm, Mortimer must rally to help his aunts, protect his fiancé and fight to maintain his own sanity. A comedic farce and suspense based storyline makes Arsenic and Old Lace a favorite classic amongst theatre-goers throughout America.

What is an All-Star Production?

Under professional direction, Fall All-Star is designed as an educationally intensive process that provides training for young artists learning and honing their craft and theatrical skill sets. Training includes a fully immersive 7 week production process from start to finish in which participants receive intensive training from local Houston artists, professional headshots, dramaturgy work and performance opportunities at the Jeanette & L.M George Equity Theater facility including four public performances Nov. 3rd-5th, 2017.  Post production, actors are able to add both intensive training and performance credits to their professional theatre resumes. Frequently partnered with a philanthropic purpose for serving the community and youth, All-Star Productions are meant to develop an appreciation for the theatre in both audience members and actors alike.

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